Thursday, 16 January 2014

About me.

Hello people on the internet, welcome to my little land! My name is Terrie Chu , Malaysian. I was born on 3rd of February 1999 in a small town of Kedah but I'm currently staying in KL.

I love writing and documenting stuffs and share it to people around me. (but I'm just a nerd who spend half of my life on the internet so... what I share on here might be lame af hahaha, please don't judge me.) Anyways, if you like my post feel free to follow this blog but I'm not full time blogger so I will not be updating so often.

If you feel like knowing me more, feel free to visit my social media website, I've got them linked on the tab on homepage. You can also comment on my post if you have any questions to ask.

That's it for my little introduction. See you next time in my little land. xx.

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