Thursday, 15 December 2016

I Am Graduated

 Hello, it has been such a long time since my last update and there are so many things happening in my life. Most importantly, I'm graduated

Yes, I am officially graduated from my secondary school and I'm no longer a high school student. My graduation ceremony was on 27 Oct, everyone (not actually, I mean most of the people i knew) was emotional about no longer being a high school student but honestly for me, I was so fine about graduating. I'm excited to been in a college and then a university! But I didn't really tell anyone that I wasn't emotional at that moment because if I told them they'll  thought that I never appreciate our friendship because I didn't came up to be emotional of the leaving. I do appreciate everything and everyone that came across my life but as the saying goes, "All good things came to an end." , life must goes on. And I don't think I'm the only one who felt like that. But the only thing that I felt regret was i didn't change into my class t-shirt. So basically, after the ceremony, every graduates changed from school uniform to class t-shirt that every class had their own design, fyi, but I'm the only weirdest person that didn't! The reason why i didn't because I'm going back home real early so i wouldn't want to waste my time changing into class t-shirt and don't have the time to take pictures with my friends but I do feel sorry to my classmates tho.

After graduation I still don't really feel like a graduate, I still don't use to be a 'not-high school-student' person, but now I kinda get used to it. When everyone busy buying school uniforms or books for the school reopening but I'm just laying at my home wrapped with blanket and being on internet the whole time. I started think about some questions: 1) How many people will remember having a girl called Terrie existed in their high school life? 2) Will all the friendships last? But I've got all the answers for all these questions already, not many people will remember me because like I do, when i grow up I'll meet new people, new environments, having new memories and the old memories will just started to fade like I don't remember all of my primary school friends after I went to secondary school. Everyone did that but they just don't tell the truth. Will all the friendships last? No, I don't think so, I know this answer is cruel but it's real, friendship is bilateral, it needs the commitment of all parties even if you tried really hard to make everyone stay together but when someone's heart is no here, it's not here. When someone said, "I don't want to leave you guys." it's just for that moment, I don't know how people think but this was my view of leaving and I just don't feel sad for leaving because again, life goes on. 

I don't know how this post comes out to be so serious lol, but I just want to document the feelings I have when I graduated from high school on 17 years old. So that's it for this post, I'm gonna do more updates after this because I got more free time hahahaha. Oh yes, and I'm considering writing post in mandarin, what do you think? But I'm just asking cuz I've already got the answer hahaha. Anyway, see you next time, I'll come up with more movie recommendations, how exciting!! Bye!!

 This is a picture of me and Jiaying! xoxo!

And this is a picture of me and my potato sister Priscillia,

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