Friday, 12 August 2016

My braces diary

Hello everyone,  welcome back to my blog!! Yes, I got my braces on!! Like FINALLY! I've been waiting for this day to come for yearsss already. I don't know if I have ever mentioned before but yes I HATE MY TEETH. My teeth look horrible. Here's a close up picture of my teeth before braces.

As you can see at the pictures above, that grid line is supposed to be the middle of my teeth but my front teeth are not aligned properly in the middle, my lower teeth are also a slightly little bit tilted to the left and I also have a canine tooth on my gum. 

My teeth have been my biggest insecurity throughout the years. I've been suffering to have a nice and cute smile while taking pictures, I always try as much as possible to keep my mouth closed to hide my canine tooth and this makes my smile looks super awkward. I've begged my mom to get me to the dental for my braces since the age of 13 but getting braces is a really huge deal because it costs a lot. Yes you can go to the government medical center for your braces but it eats a lot of time waiting and waiting before you actually get your braces and even when you're having you braces you have to wait for months to go to a review. So my mom and I decided to postpone my braces plan until this year and save money during the past few years to get my braces done by a private dental clinic which is I-Care Dental. 

I had met my orthodontist on July to see what she's going to do with my teeth.  She told us about the condition of my teeth and the duration of time that will be taking for my braces. She said my teeth need to take a year time to get fixed by the braces, and the total cost is RM6400 but it can be pay by installment.
On 7th August, I went to the dental clinic to get my braces done but my orthodontist told me that she would only put on the braces for my upper teeth and I need to come back the other day to get my lower teeth done because putting braces on for both upper and lower teeth would take a really long time and I would feel really tired because I need to open my mouth wide for hours even though that is a thing (idk what it's called) to support my mouth. She also told me that my teeth will feel a bit sore 4-6 hours after putting on my braces and she gave me some painkillers. Honestly, the whole process of putting the braces on was really fine, I didn't feel any pain, but the night after, my teeth started to feel pain and I really can't bite things even though my orthodontist told me I could eat any thing. But the next day the pain gone away and my teeth felt much better, still a bit sore sometimes but I was able to eat buns and noodles. Some people said the first week of getting braces is a disaster but I really don't think so because my teeth do not affect my everyday routine that much, except for the cleaning process after eating, it is a HUGE PROCESS. And I don't think it's THAT pain like everyone said, it's just a tiny little uncomfortable and just a little sore.

On 10th August I went to my orthodontist again to finish my braces for my lower teeth. After getting the lower teeth done,  I could not speak properly! That's because my orthodontist put some materials that normally used for dental filling on two of my back teeth to avoid my upper teeth for crushing my braces on lower teeth when I shut my teeth because my jaw is crooked lol. So I sound funny when I speak because my mouth is not properly shut. I can't pronounce words with 's' in it haha. After getting lower braces done , my teeth are not really pain but it's really tired to eat things because it's hard to chew the food so I take smaller portion of food than before. Chewing makes me feel so lazy to have my meal but I still eat normal food but in a smaller portions. This is a picture of me with my braces completely done.  Oh ya, a month later, I'm going to extract one tooth which is the one beside my canine tooth.

Thanks for reading, hope this post helps you if you're planning to get your braces done. I'll be updating my braces diary when I have any changes on my braces, kinda like a braces check in. I'll see you soon,  byeeee. xoxo.

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