Sunday, 1 July 2018

Why I Started Blogging

Hi peeps, I'm back! Today I'm writing this because there are quite a lot of people around me that are curious about how I started blogging and why, so I decided to write this on my blog.

I had been blogging for 4 years, since 2014, but not frequently, which is when  I was 15 years old. I remember the first time I created this blog, it was super ugly, my background was super tumblr-ish, that time I was so geeky and tumblr-ish, I downloaded a lot of pictures from weheartit, tumblr and pinterest. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to use blogger and how to design it, and eventually I chose to make it this basic lol. Blogging was hard to me that time, because I don't own a laptop I used my family (but mostly used by brother and it's in my brother's room) desktop to write and it's so awkward every time my mom opened the door and looked at my screen. ._. But she still doesn't quite know about what I am doing right now, I don't think she knows I have a blog tho.

The first blog that I'd read was a blog by Zoella. If you don't know who she is, she is a famous UK online influencer, she first started her online career through writing blog, after she gained a lot of readers, she started her YouTube channel, and now she already had 12 million subscribers on YouTube. She wrote about her panic attack and how she overcomes it in her blog. She is the most honest and genuine person I've ever seen online. She is my inspiration on writing blog, she is the one that introduced this platforms to me, where I can finally had a place of my own and express myself through writing. As I always said, I'm not good at expressing myself verbally, in speech, and I like to keep things to myself and eventually I will get stress out about having too much trash in my mind but I find writing is the most effective way for me to express even if no one reads them but it is still a great platform for me to output all my thoughts.

The other reason is that I really love writing. I used to have a Wattpad account where I wrote fan fiction and novels online, but I some how stopped it because I don't feel like my stories were great lol. I wrote One Direction fan fiction, Jack and Finn Harries fan fiction, stories about vampires, spirits and super power hahaha. I remember that I did have people reading my fan fiction tho, I had 90 - 100 views on my Wattpad stories, I know it's very little, but I was so happy that time when I see people actually read my works.

Although I had been writing my blog for such long time but I still have very little views compare to other blogger, but I really appreciate every one of you who really spend time on reading what I write. Many people don't understand why I continue blogging with such little views, I don't understand either, but I can't imagine myself without writing. Anyway, I really appreciate you, who are reading this, thank you so much, no matter how long have you been reading my blog. And I know there are a few people who had already been in Terriesland for 4 years, from my very first post until now, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

And for people that are worried about me from the last post, I'm good now, not the best but yeah better, thank you to people that encourage me through dm and comments, thanks a lot. xo.

Bye. xoxo. 🌻

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