Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Moving Tips | Dorm or small room

Hello, it's May! That means most of the May intake college freshmen are going to college, and some of them might be moving out from their home to a new place. So, I'm here to share my moving tips where I concluded from my experience last year. I'm going to give tips for college students who move to dorm or small rooms so these are just simple moving tips which are not suitable for people who wants to move into a unit or an apartment. Let's get started, shall we?

First, do a checklist of what you will be needed in your new place. Writing the items down in your planner or notebook, and separate them into two sections, "already have" and "items that need to buy" so that you will not forget to buy things that you need. Tick on the item you've packed or purchased with a pen of a colour, and when you do double check, tick with another colour of pen, this helps you from missing out any items.

Next, move in your stuffs at least three days before college starts. When you started putting things into your new place, you can see what you missed out or what you need but you never thought of, like extension wires or storage stuffs.  Some items that are on sharing basis (if you have roommates) like dust bin, standing fan, buckets or cleaning utensils, you can discuss with your roommate and see who have old ones and willing to share so that you guys can save the money from buying a new one, also if you buy a new one when you guys are moving out, it's hard to tell who the items belong to hahaha. 

Heavy furnitures, if your dorm room provide desk and wardrobe then great, but if you're renting a room usually they don't provide furniture for rooms. You can buy second hand furniture from seniors who lived in your room before or seniors that live nearby so that you don't have to move your heavy furniture all the way from you home, and second hand item is much cheaper. If you can't find second hand furniture you can buy those foldable desk from Tesco, or simple desk from Ikea for RM99 if you want your furniture to look good together. (like me :P) For wardrobe, you only need simple wardrobe which can be separate apart, so that you can set it up after you move to your place. For bed, if your dorm room already provide bed and mattress I advice you to bring your own mattress for hygiene reason.

Ikea bag is a very helpful item for moving. Moving into small room is much easier as you might have lesser fragile item, so you can stuff your items into ikea bag. Bags are much flexible than boxes when you arrange them into car. Last but not least, decorating your room into what you like is very important because everyone loves going back to a comfy and cosy room after an exhausting day. If you have extra money where you earn from your holiday job, you can buy better furniture from Ikea, ikea has a lot of nice and cheap furniture and you can buy same colour of furniture, so that they look like they're a set. If you have roommates you might not have chance to plan how you want your furniture to place, and you will have lesser decorating chance, but you can decorate your desk! Your desk is your very own place and corner so you are free to decorate it!

That's it for my tips, hope you find this post helpful. See you next time, byeee. xx.  🌻

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