Monday, 4 March 2019

How I Sustained My College Life (Without having to pay fees)

  Hello, it's been a while, isn't it? 
I have been wanting to write a post but I was so busy for my last semester and I am currently having my internship so most of my time are occupied basically and when it comes to weekend, where I finally have some times for myself, I just don't feel like looking at my laptop because it feels like I am working, all I want is to rest whole day, doing nothing hahaha. I'm writing this now, in my company's office, because I am all alone in office, not given any task and I am bored. 

So I asked a question on Instagram lately to let people choose which blog post to write first, (if you haven't follow me already, click here.) and the most rated blog post is this one, on how I sustained my college life, so here I am now. I think it's a good idea to share my experience and some methods to help people who has financial insufficiency in promoting their study to college or university. 

I am nearly finishing my diploma for two years and here is how I sustained my two years of college. For these two years, my family hasn't pay a cent for my education fee, but I do get life expenses from my family. There are two things that allow my family to not spend any money, 1) scholarship and 2) PTPTN loan. My SPM result was qualified for me to get a 50% scholarship from my college, and that means I only have to pay half of the fee. For the rest of the fee I applied for PTPTN loan, and it is sufficient enough for me to pay the rest, and that are how things work. 

What I really wanted to emphasize in this post is to anyone who really wants to study for college or uni, but your family cannot afford for your education, do not give up. There are always ways, but of course the journey would not be as easy as the others. If you want to get scholarship, you have to has the ability to overcome the stress, and every little test matters, every marks may affect your scholarship for upcoming semester, you have lesser relaxing time than the others, you have to understand that you're somehow different, and understand the situation you're in, so you really have to be super self-discipline at this point, it is your responsibility after all. There is no free lunch in this world, you get the aid and you have to pay with sufficient effort, that is an equivalent exchange.

There must be people asking what if my result is not good, but I want to study? There are multiple platforms that can help you. PTPTN loan is the first thing of course, but you cannot get full loan from PTPTN anymore. No worries, there are also multiple organisations out there that are giving education fund to students who need it, different organisations have different method of application, you can check out their official websites. Those organisations usually will have collaboration with certain colleges and universities, go to your college or uni website to look at the financial aid section, it will probably be in external scholarship section, or there is an easier way, contact your college Department of Student Affair, they can answer all your doubts about all the education aid, including how to apply for PTPTN loan. 

So, there are three ways to aid you for you education already, 1) Scholarship 2) PTPTN Loan 3) External education fund, so there's no way of giving up anymore. I always heard people blaming their parents for not having the ability to financially support them to further study, honestly, I can't say anything on that matter, I don't know the backstory of people's family so I can't judge, but you can support yourself instead! This is not the era where only rich people can accept higher education anymore, no, organisations and the society are helping for more people to get education, the problem now is whether or not you want to pay effort to get these aids? I know it's kind of unfair when you look at your friends having fun while you are racing with your CGPA, but when we are no longer able to change a past situation, we are challenged to change the future.

To make things clear, I never hated my family, they're all very lovely and supportive, and my mom is willing to do everything to give us better education, and I know giving children education is the responsibility of a parent, but seeing her suffer alone for our education and I do nothing when I know I can actually do something to lessen her burden, I cannot do that. If you are mature enough, you will know it is not the time to blame, it is the time to make choice on your life, like how a quotes says:" Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." It is your life after all, for sure you have to put effort to make it works like how you want it to be. 

Don't let anyone or any things change your life, except for yourself. 🌻

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