Wednesday, 26 September 2018

I'm Fine☀️

Hi peeps! It has been a long time since I posted the last one, so today I'm here to give you a little update on one of my previous posts, which is something changed in me. If you don't already know, that post was kinda sad and down, because I had not been feeling really positive on my social life for a period of time. I'm not going to talk further into it because I feel like there is nothing much worth to be talk about now, because I'm feeling so much better and I'm really fine right now.  

It has already been about 4 months since I posted that post. During this 4 months, fourth semester started, and it was so busy so I kinda do not have the time to overthink, which was a great start on feeling better. This semester many good things happened on me too. I got an opportunity that made me know a lot more people and having to make friends with people who I can be really comfortable to stay with. I know this gang of people from an assignment because we were grouped together, and they are all so lovely, real and outgoing, and it is always fun to hang out with them. This semester I also make friend with a person who is a really good listener, adviser and he enjoys listening to my wild and weird imaginations, which I really I appreciated because no one really listen to all these cringey things I made up hahaha. Moreover, he is a Potterhead so we can talk so much about Harry Potter and also other gross weird topics that I assume no any normal human beings will talk about hhahaha. Thank you everyone for showing so much love to me this semester, I truly appreciated~

Other than that, for you guys who are reading this, I just want to tell you that it is really okay to feel sad or emotional sometimes. We are all normal human beings, so we do not have to look happy and cheerful 24/7. If you really do not feel right, talk to someone or if you do not trust anyone on telling  your feelings you can type them all out on the notepad in your phone. What's important is that, you have to find a proper way to output your negative feelings, because if you don't, they will all just bottled up in you and you will never gonna feel any better. All the negative feelings you wrote down will somehow become your motivation in the future, for you to remind yourself that you deserve better.

 Another thing is to cross out all the toxic people in you life, I figured out one of the reasons of my negative feelings last time is that I joined a wrong group of people who always make me feel like I'm not good as being a friend, all I can do is help them doing their stuffs, instead of being a friend who is great to hang out with, this makes feel so insecure that I thought I don't know how to be sociable, to be a friend. These are toxic people, they make you feel bad about yourself, real friend brightens each other and brings up the best of you, if there are these toxic people around you, STAY AWAY FROM THEM! You do not have to be completely disconnected with them but you should try to avoid yourself from them, you can only know how many people would appreciate you as yourself, only when you get out of this toxic circle. 

That's all for what I want to say today. Thanks for reading, and thank you so much to people who commented on the last post and friends who dm-ed me for asking my conditions, thank you all so much, I hope you guys are feeling great right now, if you are not, you will be feeling better soon, the sky is not always dark, so do your life. 

See ya next time, xoxo. 🌻


  1. Wow seems like u had a hard time in uni

    1. It only remained for a short period of time lol, I'm having great time now~ How's yours so far?

    2. Just as usual but with loads of homeworks, assignments, tests... much more stress compared to high schoool